What is an url shortening service ?

An URL shortening service is a website (or mobile application) that shrink an URL to make it easier for sharing (for exemple on social medias, blogs, SMS...)

Here is an exemple:


Emily have to share on Facebook a link of this discounted hairdryer. The adress link of the hairdryer is something like:



With using the shortening URL service, the new adress will be something like "http://eta.pe/ZsI3U"

Now, Emma can share it very easily, she can also send it by SMS. The small adress directly redirects to the long one.

Also, using eta.pe shortening service allows you to have analytics on your links, you can know how many times your URL was visited, when, from what countries, and many many other options. And all these for free and without any ad !!!


Let's go, try it, shorten your first adress on eta.pe and share it ! You'll love it!