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Your mailbox {{$ctrl.address}} is ready.

You have no emails yet. They will appear here automatically.

You can use the randomized adress created, at the top of the webpage, or just give any adress you want and imagine, to your corresponder.

Use "the-adress-you-want"@eta.pe" to signup anywhere. You choose what you want to put before @eta.pe.

You don't need any registration at eta.pe disposable mail, all adresses already exists!

Just enter "the-adress-you want" (alias) in the form at the top of the page, instead of the already generated randomized mail (don't write the @eta.pe after your alias in the form): you'll access to your disposable mailbox.

Be carefull, your disposable mailbox is unprotected, if someone use the same mailbox alias, it can acess to your mail. Choose a unique and hard alias, for more privacy. 

Mails are saved in your box 365 days! But you can delete them.